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Baby Swing with Cry Detection Technology

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    • The multi-directional seat offers more ways to soothe
    • 3 adjustable swing speeds ensure finding just the right soothing pace to fit the baby's preference
    • Vibration with 2-speed settings so baby will remain soothed and content
    • 3-position recline means finding just the right angle to keep the baby comfortable
    • Choose from white noise, nature sounds, or music to help soothe and amuse baby

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews

    Does soothe a cold to sleep and when he does cry it use all its resources to make go back to sleep awesomeBabyrocker


    After a rough night with the newborn we bought this swing and we love it. Gives us a break from constantly having to hold the baby.


    Baby fell asleep within one minute


    At first baby girl didn't like the rocking or vibrating, but now that she's older, she's a fan. I especially used it when she was sick. It helped her sleep better, as she was fussy. Plus, this way she could sleep near me.

    Higher price Worth Every Penny!

    Bought this at Buy Buy baby at $250 so may see if they offer same price deal. But either way so far seems like worth that price and more finally getting sleep after weeks of nearly sleepless nights. Sometimes a good feeding does the trick but there have been other times when the crying just doesn't stop. This swing does detect our babies crying and starts going through its various motions. There are a lot of different combinations such as speed, elevation, rocking styles, music, white noise or nature sounds. Plus it can be mounted to go side to side or front to Back. Once baby stops crying it maintains the setting that got him to stop in the first place. So glad we got this one over another model we were considering! We don't just let our baby sleep in this all night but when he does wake up in middle of the night and continues crying after being fed, this really helps relax and soothe him back to sleep.Interested to see how others who are actually using like it. Looks like the reviews so far are from people without babies yet. But so far so good and baby goes back to sleep really fast if he does wake up and cry in middle of the night. Hope others get similar results because it is awesome. It's also great for times when you just need both hands ... sometimes putting them in the crib creates the baby screams from a horror movie. This swing gets them focused on the motion more, which results in much less or no crying and screaming.UPDATE after 10 days: Really love this swing several others with newborns have said theirs help ease their babies crying but not nearly as seamlessly as this one. Ours still loves it and it's worked over and over and over in either ending his crying or easing him to sleep.