Essential Things To Know Before Buying A Musical Crib Mobile For Your Baby

Essential Things To Know Before Buying A Musical Crib Mobile For Your Baby

A musical crib mobile is a movable baby gear that hangs atop a baby crib. It doesn’t just hang there and look pretty but also plays soft melodies to help your baby have a goodnight’s sleep. It’s also used to distract and entertain your baby to prevent them from crying. The mobile is useful when you are busy preparing food for your baby or doing the dishes while keeping your baby alone. If he/she wakes up, you can play the melodies to make them doze off as well.

A baby crib mobile music is a handy and affordable tool for babies. Besides putting your baby to sleep, the crib mobile has multifold advantages and is the perfect gear to calm your baby down. In today’s article, we are gonna discuss all the good stuff, so stay tuned.

How Musical Mobile Toy Helps a Baby

1. Boost visual and hearing senses

What happens when you turn this gear on? It moves and plays music. But something more happens, your baby stares at it. Why? Because the mobile toys’ movement is new to them, they find it interesting, hence the stare and giggles. This entire mechanism benefits your child’s vision.

A baby’s vision stays blurry for some time after its birth. Because both the vision and the senses are developing, that spinning toys capture its attention. The more it focuses on the toy and the sound, the better chance of developing the senses. The more excited they are, the more curious they feel about the gear and the more they grow.

2. Helps developing coordination

When it comes to brain development, the baby mobile crib already helps develop your child’s vision and sense; both are part of the brain’s activity. Because the toys move to the music, the baby follows the motions and tries to replicate the moves or move their limbs. This helps your baby develop spatial reasoning. The toys also spark your baby’s creativity which means that he/she will grow up with a mind rich in creative imaginations. The music stimulates the baby’s brain and helps them become more aware of the surroundings.

3. Enhances motor skills

We know that our brain controls the functions of motor nerves and movement as well. So, if the toy stimulates your baby’s senses, it can enhance motor skills as well. Motor skills proper and balanced movements of the body parts. From moving our hands and feet to kissing our baby goodnight, are all motor skills. When the musical mobile crib toy moves or makes sounds, your baby is alerted and throws its limbs either in excitement or because they want to touch the hanging toys. In both cases, it is motor functioning. The toy also develops a child’s hand-eye coordination, which is a vital thing for any baby.

Choosing the perfect musical mobile

Choosing the perfect musical mobile

Not all musical mobile is the same. They vary in shapes and sizes. Some are good, some are bad, and others are simply the worst! So, how to choose the right musical mobile for your baby’s crib or bassinet? Follow along:

1. The frame should be sturdy

The frame is a vital part of the entire musical mobile. It supports the gear and keeps it erect; therefore, choosing a mobile with a sturdy frame is very crucial. Flimsy structured musical mobiles can break and can be life-threatening to your baby. Always check the material and strength of the frame. Musical mobile with a stronger frame may be a bit pricey, but when it comes to your kid’s safety, better safe than being sorry!

2. Make sure of the attachments

The next thing you should check is to ensure the musical mobile is safely secured to the crib. Too loose and the musical mobile may fall on the baby, which is a nightmare for every parent. When purchasing the mobile, make sure it comes with additional screws and other securing elements. Avoid buying musical mobiles that consist of rusty screws and weak clamps.

3. Choose mobiles with big hanging toys

The hanging toys are great; however, tiny ones aren’t that much! What if a piece goes into the eyes of your precious? Not trying to make you feel bad or upset, but you need to know this as a parent! If your baby is just an infant, you should be extra careful. Therefore, buying musical mobile with decent-sized toys is a smart move. Choose toys that are either made of soft plastic or fluffy and hypoallergenic material such as cotton to protect the love of your life. Also, if you are considering plastic toys, make sure they are BPA-free!

4. The music shouldn’t be too loud

Now, you won’t want a device to play music so loud; it’s excruciating to your ears, right? Similarly, lousy quality music devices can produce distortion, low quality, and very high-pitched sounds. When buying a musical mobile, emphasize listening to the sounds first before actually paying money for it. The music shouldn’t be too loud or pitchy to irritate your baby.

Best musical mobile for cribs

Now comes the fun part of choosing the best mobile for your baby’s crib. Here are some of the best items from our store.

Musical Crib Mobile With Timer & Projector

This cutesy musical crib mobile comes with a chock-full of toys and functions. The mobile comes equipped with several soundscapes that can help calm your baby down and put it to sleep. They also included a projector that projects moon and stars onto the ceiling. The toys are so cute; even you will want to play with them! You are getting a yellow puppy, a pink kitten, an orange bunny, and a red birdie that twirls and dances to the tunes. Installing this multifactional gear is as easy as a piece of cake and doesn’t need much time to attach or detach. Safe for baby as the mobile is made of BPA materials and is CPSC certified. That’s not all! It won’t put a hole in your wallet as well!

Musical Crib Mobile With Timer

This special little crib mobile is packed with 150 soft lullabies, 10 melodies, and 10 lullabies, along with 5 nature sounds. It also has a starlight projector that shows images of stars and the moon, perfect for using at night. The timer option is convenient as it goes auto-off after playing the music for a certain period of time. You can set a timer on 20, 40, and 60 minutes depending on your preference. These mobiles also come in two colors: Pink and Blue, so choose whichever you want. Oh, the fun part! It’s remote-controlled, so you can play the music or switch it on and off even though you are in a separate room.

Musical Crib Mobile

If you don’t want a flashy mobile and looking for a simpler version, this one will suit your style. This musical crib mobile consists of 5 different melodies, which gives you 30 minutes of uninterrupted music. The mobile can be installed on various bed items, for example, cribs, carriers, strollers, bassinets, etc. The soft toys include a fox, a bird, and the sun, which are so freaking adorable! These toys spin at a decent speed which makes them very interesting to watch.

Final thoughts

That’s all for today! I think I have covered all the things needed to help pick up the right kind of musical crib mobile. At Babytech, we always strive to give our customers the best, whether it’s advice or a product. You will find all the items listed in this article in our online shop. What are you waiting for? Grab your fave musical crib mobile and experience the magic!