Baby Bassinet: Pros, Cons & Our Top Picks

Baby Bassinet: Pros, Cons & Our Top Picks

Baby Bassinet: Pros, Cons & Our Top Picks

Are you expecting your first baby? It's normal to have wild thoughts and triggered anxiety regarding the baby you will be welcoming after nine months. Having a baby will change your entire life, your habits, your routine, etc. So, expecting new parents will indeed have a hard time. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying you aren't happy because hearing the good news or holding your newborn is a feeling beyond any happiness in this world. However, parenting comes with a lot of concerns along with immense joy. Concerns like what to buy for the baby, which things will make my baby comfortable, should I buy this or buy that, etc., are common questions we tend to ask ourselves. One such concern is whether to buy a baby sleeping bassinet or a crib?

Baby Bassinet: Pros, Cons & Our Top Picks

Yes, this is a lingering concern for most of the parents. Deciding between a bassinet and a crib can be confusing to most parents. Your baby will spend most of its time sleeping, so you need to make sure you provide it with a warm, comfortable, and strong bed. There's a reason why people choose a bassinet over cribs, and today we will discuss that. Here are a set of benefits bassinets deliver.

Benefits of Baby Bassinets


When your baby is born, expect to take him to the doctor and meeting your friends and family. Most of the time, you have to take your baby along with you. A baby carrier is a stellar option for carrying your baby, but that's not going to comfortable for the long haul. Thus you need something strong and light to carry your baby even when he is sleeping. Therefore, a portable baby bassinet is a great option for busy parents like you if you are on the go. These bassinets are super portable, lightweight, and soft. They not only relax your baby but also will help you carry your baby with you. Bassinets are also easy to bring into rooms to monitor your baby wherever you are.

 Reduced death risks

Sadly common, sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS, and to control that Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests that parents need a safe space for their babies. A bassinet is soft, and unlike cribs, the bassinet edges are guarded by soft nets instead of wooden or plastic bars. As it's easier to move a bassinet, you can drag it to your bedroom and keep an eye on your baby. Thus both of you can sleep together without bothering each other.


Bassinets tend to be compact, light, and require more lightweight materials to be crafted; that's why they take a lower total cost for manufacturing. They provide safety, level up baby's comfort factor, look stylish and cost less; what more can a parent want?

Additional features

Another pro of bassinets is that it comes with a multitude of add-on features and tolls like hoods, storage systems, etc. The hood helps to protect the baby from getting distracted by light sources when it's sleeping. You can put in extra diapers, blankets, toys, or other baby essentials for storage. 

Drawbacks of Baby Bassinets

Here's the thing, it's a fact that no matter how good a product is, there will be a few cons to it as well. Here are some downsides of a baby bassinet.

Isn't cost-effective

Baby bassinets are crafted keeping babies of 0-6 months in mind. This means these beds will be of no use once your baby grows out. Unless you are planning for a second child, you literally had nothing else to do with a bassinet. This can make you feel like you have wasted your money on nothing. Therefore either you buy a bassinet as early as possible, or you may need to sell it. Now, this is a very normal thing because eventually, your baby won't be able to sleep in any cribs or cots as well due to their growth, so no need to panic. Just like to mention that manufacturers now make bassinets called Lotus bassinet, which you can easily turn into a travel crib if your baby starts growing. 

Has weight limits

Each and every bassinet has a weight tolerance limit, cross that, and it may collapse. You should be extra careful about your baby's weight and how much a bassinet can hold. It isn't very smart to put your baby inside the bassinet once his/her weight reaches the targeted limit. The best advice I can give you is to buy an alternative before your baby crosses the weight limit.

Best Baby Bassinets For Your Baby

Now that we have established the benefits and the drawbacks, you have the first grasp regarding bassinets, I presume. Therefore, let's take a look at some of the best baby bassinets for sale.

Dream On Me - Portable Bassinet - Baby Tech

1. Dream On Me - Portable Bassinet

If you are looking for a portable bassinet, look no further! Consisting of snap-on legs and a strong yet light aluminum frame, this bassinet can be rapidly installed. The mattress comes with a removable padded mattress that can be folded for storage. The mattress fabric is made of soft polyester foam fabric designed to keep your baby comfortable and easy; you can fold for more space. The mattress comes with a full mesh design for facilitating airflow for keeping your baby's body dry and cool. If you are looking for a minimalistic yet elegant baby basinet with a contemporary design, this one is for you. 

2. CRZDEAL - 2-IN-1 Baby Bassinet

If your baby likes gentle rocking of cradles, this particular baby bassinet will give you the convenience of gentle motioning thanks to its H-tube support system. The mattress's linen cloth is soft to touch, breathable, and washable in case of accidental spills. The plush feeling comes from the eco-friendly resin cotton stuffed inside the matter, which helps your baby rest well. The clothing material is odor-free, water-resistant, and moisture-proof, so there is very little chance of wetting the bedding. The strong pyramid structure plus four-position support along with iron frames make it very sturdy yet light to carry. 

3. Dream On Me - Baby Bassinet 

Dream On Me - Baby Bassinet   is my favorite amongst the other two simply because of the numerous color variants it offers. It's available in 6 unique shades: Periwinkle (my favorite), Cool Grey, Rose, Grey & Pink, Aqua, and Pink. It's not only a handsome baby bassinet but also quite sturdy and portable. You can fold it with ease and take it along with you anywhere. There is an extra storage cloth-shelf that you can use to store extra clothes, diapers, or toys. The metal frame is light and takes a few minutes to assemble. Must say it's a great product at a reasonable price.


And there you have it! A comprehensive list of pros, cons, and our favorite picks of the baby bassinet. Our collection has the most comfortable, sturdy, and stylish baby bassinets at a very practical price. Do take some time to check out our collections. And remember, there are pros and cons to everything, don't let the cons stop you from buying one of these brilliant products.

Baby Bassinet: Pros, Cons & Our Top Picks